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Yes Hearing's online test is different to most other hearing screeners. This clinically validated 3-minute hearing test measures how well you can hear in noisy settings. Make sure to have headphones before you start.

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Take the online hearing test to see whether or not you need hearing aids or other treatment.

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Following your hearing test, you will qualify to speak with a Yes audiologist for free. Our experts will privately discuss your hearing needs, lifestyle and the types of treatment available.

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Customer Reviews
4.8 out of 5.0
Janet. H
Long Island
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"My consultation with Yes Hearing was very good. I received my new Phonak hearing aids and had them fit in my home within a week of calling."
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"I saved a lot of money going through Yes. If it was just one or two thousand I probably still would have gone with the clinic, but I saved $3000(!) on the same exact product and even better service. In the end it was an easy decision."
Long Island
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"I scheduled my video call with the audiologist on the Monday and had my new hearing aids delivered by her on the Friday."
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"I had a home visit from Amy which was very good. Then I lost my right hearing aid and they replaced it for me for $200 and did all the programming and everything again."
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"I bought replacement devices. I was sceptical at first but their service has been excellent and I really can't complain about the price."

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