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Oticon OPN S 3

4.1 out of 5
The Oticon OPN S 3 is the entry level OPN hearing aid which performs well in relatively quiet environments. This product is part of our Silver range and is available in a range of colors. For more information on pricing, color options and technical details please call us on 877-926-1420
  • Professionally programmed hearing aids
  • Full 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • 24/7 remote support
  • Loss and Damage protection
  • Personal Concierge Audiologist Service
  • 45 day money back guarantee
Powerful, nearly-invisible hearing aids and at-home audiologist care, all for 66% less than the national average.
  • Professionally programmed hearing aids
  • Full 2-year manufacturer warranty
  • 24/7 remote support
  • Loss and Damage protection
  • Personal Concierge Audiologist Service
  • 45 day money back guarantee
What We Love About The Oticon OPN S 3

360° Sound

Oticon OPN S hearing aids open up the world by giving you access to the relevant sounds around you including speech, and puts you in charge of which sounds you want to focus on.

Speech Understanding

Oticon Opn S is proven to give you even better speech understanding with less effort in noisy environments than any previous generation of hearing aids.

Take Control

Easily manage your hearing aid settings using the Oticon ON app. You can control the volume, change the program and benefit from advanced adjustment options.

oticon speech
Speech Clarity
Studies have shown that Oticon OPN S users can experience speech understanding at the same level as people with normal hearing in most environments. Now you can take part in difficult listening environments with minimal effort.

Surround Sound
Oticon OPN S hearing aids come with improved technology that gives your brain access to the relevant sounds around you. Hear the world around you, whilst the Oticon’s automatically enhance the sounds which matter the most. By picking up sounds from all directions, you can hear all the details of your environment.
Available with powerful rechargeable technology, Oticon hearing aids are easy to use, quick to charge and offer a full day of excellent hearing with every charge.
Home Care From Licensed New York Audiologists
Every hearing aid purchased through Yes Hearing comes with convenient care from a local licensed audiologist. From hand-delivering your brand new devices and fitting them in your home to on-going remote adjustments, we are here to help.

If you need any help you can arrange future home visits, or call our customer support team 24/7.

Meet Yes Hearing’s Team of Audiologists
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Oticon OPN

Oticon OPN Video Overview

With the help of this video guide you can easily understand the features included with Oticon OPN hearing aids. For more information please call, email or live chat with an expert.

Understanding technology levels

Every product comes in three different tiers: Silver, Gold & Platinum. Your audiologist will guide you on which Signia model in the series is most suitable for your hearing loss. We have broken down some of the key technology differences for you below. In the simplest terms, the more active you are and the more environments you find yourself in, the more features you need.

The Oticon OPN S 1, S 2 and S 3 look identical, so what’s the difference?

Key differences between the models:

There are three Oticon OPN technology levels: The S 1, S 2 and S 3. All models come with Bluetooth technology as standard and look identical, however that is where the similarities end.

Each model comes at a different price and this is largely based on the technology within each device. To make this easier to understand, we split the models up by technology level and place them into tiers: Silver, Gold and Platinum.

Below we explain the rough price difference and feature difference between the tiers, but what does this mean for you when you make your decision?

Background noise is everything:

The Oticon OPN S 3 is an entry-level hearing aid from Oticon. It will perform well at enhancing speech in quiet environments, but will not perform as well as the S 2 or S 1 in loud environments. If you often go out socially or work in a crowded office, these are unlikely to provide enough clarity for you. However if you lead a fairly quiet life then these should meet your needs. Whilst less technologically advanced at reducing background nice, they share the Bluetooth connectivity and rechargeable batteries of the Oticon OPN S 2 and S 1.

Our audiologists typically say that your lifestyle and activity levels are the best indicator of what model you need. Of course, budget is an important factor as well. Before making your decision we always arrange a consultation with one of our independent audiologists that can guide you on the right product level to fit your needs.

Independent advice:

Our audiologists will make a product recommendation based on your hearing loss, budget and lifestyle. All product recommendations are honest and based on years of experience fitting and dispensing hearing aids.
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4.8 out of 5.0
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Boca Raton, FL
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"The team are very good and I would highly recommend their services. They have gone above and beyond."
Janet. H
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"I saved a lot of money going through Yes. If it was just one or two thousand I probably still would have gone with the clinic, but I saved $3000(!) on the same exact product and even better service. In the end it was an easy decision."
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"Excellent client services and you even get the cell phone number of the rep."
Fort Myers, FL
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"Sam recommended a lower priced product that matched my needs and he didn't try to upsell me at all- I am so glad I took his advice. my Phonak Marvel 50s are PERFECT."
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"I scheduled my video call with the audiologist on the Monday and had my new hearing aids delivered by her on the Friday."
Brooklyn, NY
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"I had a home visit from the Audiologist which was very good. Then I lost my right hearing aid and they replaced it for me for $200 and did all the programming and everything again."
New York
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"I was really impressed with Yes Hearing. Their audiologist came to my house and gve me a hearing test at home and then left me with a trial set. I loved them! I got the free trial for two week and then the audiologist came back again after two weeks to exchange them for the real pair once I decided to buy. the whole process was so easy!"

Frequently asked questions

If you cannot find the answer below, please use the contact form or send us an email.

The best way to know which hearing aid you need is by speaking to one of our hearing experts. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’. Everyone’s hearing loss is different, and other factors like lifestyle and budget are also important. Our experts will work with you to gain a better understanding of your hearing loss and needs, in order to make a specific product recommendation.
Yes Hearing is a fully authorized and licensed retailer. Your devices are never shipped direct to you- they are hand delivered and fitted by a local audiologist at your home. We are committed to customer care and you will receive support throughout the lifetime of your hearing aids.

Some companies may promote prices that are lower than you may find through Yes Hearing, however if they are not providing physical fitting and on-going audiologist face-to-face care then they are probably unauthorized. This can mean that your warranty is voided and you may not be entitled to repairs or support.

It is always best to ask the manufacturer directly if the company you are purchasing from is an authorized vendor.
As an overview the Bronze technology level is best suited for people who are relatively sedentary. These hearing aids will help in small group situations and small meetings, but will perform less well in loud environments. The Silver technology level is good for more active people and will offer good sound quality and speech clarity in most situations. The Gold technology level is where the hearing aid manufacturers deliver all of their very latest features. If you need to hear well in almost every situation these are best for you. They are designed to deliver the best speech clarity and the most natural sound in every situation. However the best way to tell which is the right level for you is by speaking to one of our experts.
Your hearing expert will bring your programmed hearing aids to your first face-to-face fitting. We will also bring a variety of domes and receivers so we can ensure a comfortable fit.
Hearing aids typically come with a 3 year warranty from the manufacturer. However they should last longer than this, up to 5 years. An annual servicing by an audiologist will help them last longer, and can be provided through a home visit.
With every purchase made on Yes Hearing you are provided with at least three physical home fittings with a licensed hearing specialist. During a home visit we will educate you about your hearing aids, fit the devices, ensure they are programmed correctly and treat ear wax or other issues. It is also an opportunity for you to ask our hearing experts any questions you have about your hearing aids.
We offer remote follow up care whenever you need it. This usually takes two forms. The first is making programming adjustments. If you need your hearing aid settings changed our audiologists can call you and remotely make changes – that’s how amazing modern hearing aid technology is! Sometimes though you may just have a question and want to speak to the hearing expert who fitted the hearing aids, and this can be sorted via a simple phone call or Skype.
All of our hearing aids are brand new and should work but of course there can be issues. All of our hearing aids come with the full manufacturer warranty, and we offer a 45 day money back guarantee returns period.
We can provide at-home hearing testing for free with our service. COVID-19 Update: We are currently not providing home hearing testing. Instead, we are providing free trials and unlimited remote adjustments until it is safe to continue providing home services. We can provide in-situ hearing tests. Please contact us for more details.
No, none! The price you are quoted by our hearing experts will be the final price you pay, and will depend on the product and care bundle you choose to purchase. There is no sales tax added to hearing aids.
Yes! Our prices are typically 30% – 40% lower than what you would find from an audiologist clinic, for the exact same product. This is because as a company we are entirely focused on providing the best products and care, at a lower price.
This is no problem! We want to provide every customer a tailored care experience, and some people will need more home visits than others. Our Gold, Silver and Bronze care bundles are just a starting point. At any time you can contact us to purchase more home visits.

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