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Partner Sales Program
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Partner With Yes Hearing

At Yes Hearing our mission is simple: to make hearing affordable, accessible
and convenient for everyone, revolutionizing hearing care for all American’s.

As part of this we have created a Partner Sales Program. The way it works is simple – our partners tell potential customers about our services and we provide a commission on each sale. We will provide easy tracking software, equipment, supplies, demo units, and anything else you might need to help with this.

Benefits of Partnering With Yes Hearing

Competitive Commissions

We pay a 10% commission on each sale you provide us. Hearing experts would then also have the first choice to provide care for the patient


If you are a hearing expert and arrange to go into a care home or assisted living facility we will provide a portable audiometer and demo units, allowing you to test dozens of patients in a day

Easy Sales Tracking

You will be assigned a unique discount code - for example 'Poughkeepise 2020', and our software will automatically track and make payments on all sales you generate

Marketing Materials

From business cards to brochures on Yes Hearing and our products, we will provide marketing material which you can share with potential patients

Dedicated Affiliate Manager

Our Affiliate Marketing Manager will help and assist you, and can answer any questions you might have.

Average Order > $3000

We only sell premium hearing aids combined with excellent care, meaning our partners can quickly hit their commission targets

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