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Finding the best hearing aid for you depends on your lifestlye, budget and hearing loss. If you need any help or advice book a free consultation to speak with a hearing expert.

Popular Manufacturers

Five major hearing manufacturers produce over 80% of all hearing aids on the market! These manufacturers are pioneers in hearing technology and have been developing new features and products over the past century.

PHONAK Hearing Aids

Phonak are one of the largest suppliers of hearing aids in the world. Their hearing aids are designed for all ages and are at the pinnacle of hearing innovation. The Audeo Marvel is their most popular model.

Oticon Hearing aids

Oticon have been creating high-quality hearing aids for over a century. Their motto of ‘People First’ guides the principles of the company. Their latest hearing aid is the OPN S available as battery-powered or rechargeable.

Unitron Hearing aids

Unitron are the sister company of Phonak, both under the Sonova umbrella of companies. Unitron provide a wider range of price points for their models, as well as convenient FLEX trials across their product range.

Resound Hearing aids

ReSound are a danish manufacturer that have been major hearing innovators. They are best known for producing the first made for iPhone hearing aids. Connectivity is at the heart of their products.

Signia Hearing aids

Signia- formerly part of the Siemens Hearing Instruments company- are world leaders in hearing technology. Their best known hearing aids include the ‘invisible’ Silk Nx and stylish Styletto Connect.

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We have compiled thousands of customer reviews and audiologist feedback reports on the latest hearing aids on the market. Browse our featured models below.

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We have made our pricing as transparent as possible. Each hearing aid comes in 3 different technology levels, each suited for different needs. Silver level devices are the lowest price, but also the most basic. Platinum level devices are the best hearing aids available and are suited for individuals with active lifestyles.


From $3995

Per pair

e.g. Phonak Audeo M90

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  • Speech In Noise 5/5
  • Adjustment Bands 5/5
  • Processing Channels 5/5
  • Sound Clarity: 5/5
  • Suitable for Highly Active Lifestyles


From $3495

Per pair

e.g. Phonak Audeo M70

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  • Speech In Noise 4/5
  • Adjustment Bands 4/5
  • Processing Channels 4/5
  • Sound Clarity: 4/5
  • Suitable for Moderately Active Lifestyles


From $2995

Per pair

e.g. Phonak Audeo M50

  • Speech In Noise 2/5
  • Adjustment Bands 3/5
  • Processing Channels 2/5
  • Sound Clarity: 3/5
  • Suitable for Less Active Lifestyles

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