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How Yes Hearing Works

Yes Hearing is the most affordable and time efficient way to improve your hearing. Our easy 5-step process is tailored to you.


Call or email us to speak with a Yes Hearing specialist

Schedule a time to speak with our experts about hearing loss and hearing aids.
Your consultation is completely private and confidential, just as it would be in an audiologist’s office. All of our services are HIPAA compliant.
Your consultation will be with one of our hearing experts. All of our audiologists are State licensed specialists with years of experience.


Speak to an audiologist via phone or video call

Speak to a state licensed Hearing Specialist by phone or on a video call. Our hearing experts will discuss the nature of your hearing loss, and how it impacts your life. They can answer any questions you have about hearing loss and hearing aids.
When you book your consultation, you can choose to have a phone call or a video call. If it is a phone call our audiologists will call you at the chosen time, and if it is a video call we will email you a link to click to start the appointment. Whether you choose to have a phone call or a video call we will send you a reminder email one hour beforehand.
No, none whatsoever. Your initial consultation is a zero-obligation conversation with a member of our team. Just like in a traditional consultation any decision you make is entirely up to you.


Receive a personalised product and care recommendation

At the end of your conversation our hearing experts will make a product and care recommendation tailored to your specific hearing loss, lifestyle and needs.
No test, no problem! If you do not have a recent audiogram, we also provide free at-home hearing tests. Prior to your home fitting, a Yes Hearing local Audiologist will conduct a full hearing test at your home or office.
Hearing aid recommendations depend on a number of factors – your lifestyle, your hearing test results, your needs and your preferences for hearing aid looks and features. Just like in a clinic our hearing experts will take all of those factors into account before making a product recommendation.


Have your hearing aids fit and programmed in your home by a hearing expert

One of our licensed hearing experts will come to your home to fit your new hearing aids. They will check the programming, make adjustments and answer any questions you might have about your new hearing aids.
Through Covid-19 we are still providing in-home face-to-face fittings. Prior to your fitting we will speak with you and your Audiologist to ensure that all safety guidelines are practised. Where possible, fittings can be made outside or socially distanced inside. All visiting audiologists will wear necessary face coverings and protective gloves.
First we recommend you speak to the hearing expert who did your initial programming and fitting. Most of the time it can take a few weeks to get used to hearing aids, and we can arrange for programming adjustments if needed. However if you are still unhappy for any reason we offer a 45 day money back guarantee.
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Receive expert in-person and remote aftercare

All of our hearing aid sales include additional home visits and remote programming adjustments from our hearing experts, which can be booked at any time.
These can all be booked directly with the audiologist who provided your initial fitting from our website. Go to, click on their name, and follow the instructions to book additional care at any time.
Modern hearing aid technology is brilliant. Our audiologists can remotely adjust your hearing aid settings – all you need is an internet connection. Imagine you went out to a restaurant one night, and the background music was too loud to allow you to hear conversations. The following day you can have a video call with our audiologists, tell them about your experience, and they will immediately adjust your hearing aid settings. The next time you go back you’ll have no problems!

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