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We get to know you

Book a free phone consultation with a Specialist, or find your perfect product with our virtual product finder. This will help us understand your needs, provide the best advice, and give you the best experience.

Step 02

Find a hearing aid for a happier, healthier life

Receive a personalized recommendation based on your lifestyle, budget, and the nature of your hearing loss. You can also browse our shop to see a range of purchasing options, prices, and plans on offer.

Step 03

Experience our full service in the comfort of your home

Your new hearing aids will be hand-delivered by a Yes Specialist — where your hearing will be tested, new devices programmed, and fit to your exact specifications.

We tailor everything to your needs

The consultation will be customized to your each and every need. Every one of our customers is unique, and so is our service — whether it's your age, the nature of your hearing loss, or whether you need custom molds.

Enjoy follow-up visits

Our team of Specialists will keep in regular contact, checking in to see how you are, and finding out if there’s anything we can do to help.

My experience with Yes Hearing has been exceptional; especially since I had been working with a local provider. I was thrilled with the pricing and the service.
Carole Sustak, FL
I LOVE my hearing aids! I did check with another company about cost. They were $1500 higher! So I feel I got the best hearing aid for the best price! Thank you,Yes Hearing!
Phyllis S, FL
I was skeptical about using an internet provider. They delivered service as well as tremendous savings. I highly recommend Yes.
Rich Ellers, PA

Hearing healthcare, in the
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Our team of experienced Audiologists and Hearing Specialists brings the full hearing package to your door, for less — providing testing, advice, fitting, and support.

"I wanted to be a part of a team that would allow for audiology services to be available right in a patient's home. I am so happy to be a part of an organization that understands the importance of quality healthcare in the comfort of their home"
Dr. Lauren Keller Au.D
“I love working with Yes Hearing because it is flexible for both me and the patient. Patients love the at-home care and the convenience of not leaving their homes.”
Dr. Abby Smith Au.D
“I love working for Yes Hearing because it has increased access to hearing healthcare. I am passionate about improving my patients' quality of life.”
Dr. McKell Larson Au.D

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