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How To Look After Hearing Aids


Hearing aids are so important to our wellbeing, that it can be quite a serious problem when something goes wrong, and it can take several weeks of waiting for them to be repaired. However with some easy maintenance and care you can minimize the risk of something going wrong. Below are the main ways to care for your hearing aids:


  1. Store hearing aids in a dry place and avoid unnecessary moisture

Moisture can harm the technology and circuitry in hearing aids. Whilst many are now water resistant, it is still a good idea to remove them before showering or swimming. If they do get wet, dry them with a towel. If you take your hearing aids at night you may want to leave them in a dehumidifier which will remove moisture

  1. Remove batteries often

If your hearing aids are rechargeable, skip to number 3. But if not remember to open the battery door when you’re not using the device. It is also a good idea to occasionally clean the battery compartment using a cotton swab, as otherwise dirt can cause battery issues

  1. Remove ear wax

When every you take your hearing aids out check them for wax deposits, and remove any wax with a cloth. Similarly, clean your ears regularly to remove any ear wax – an excess build up of ear wax and reduce sound quality You may also need to clean the wax guard, which is a filter prevent wax from getting into the sound channel. Use a small brush to clean away wax from the guard.

  1. Handle them carefully

Hearing aids are small devices, and one of the most common causes of problems occurs when they are dropped on the floor. Handle them carefully, and when they are not In use store them in a dry, safe place.

  1. Avoid hairspray

Avoid hairspray or other hair care products when wearing hearing aids. The spray can get inside the hearing aid and cause damage.


Following these basic tips should help, but you also see an audiologist on a regular basis. Your audiologist can check your hearing aid and fix any problems.



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