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Tips For Getting Used to Hearing Aids


When you start using hearing aids for the first time it can feel unusual. Some people don’t like the physical feel, others complain that they can hear their own voice very loudly. The first few days are crucial, because if they go well, it is likely that you will enjoy using the hearing aids for years to come. That’s why we’ve come up with a few tips to help you get used to your hearing aids as quickly as possible


  1. Don’t worry if they feel unusual at first. It’s like wearing glasses for the first time, it can take time for it to settle in and feel normal. Don’t worry though – within a week many people forget they are even wearing them.
  2. Don’t play with the volume too much. Your hearing aids should already be programmed to your hearing needs, and whilst it can be tempting to play around, this may stop working as well as possible, and can even be damaging to your hearing.
  3. Wear them in a comfortable setting for a trial period – there’s no need to go to a loud restaurant on day one. Try having a dinner with your family, and give it a few hours to see how the hearing aids are working. Taking time to acclimatize will be helpful in the long run.
  4. Practice using hearing aids in various scenarios. For a few days each different sound source will sound unfamiliar – the television might not be as loud as the doorbell for example. Rather than worrying about this, give it a bit of time, and soon all sources will hopefully sound right.


We hope these help. If you think you have a problem with your hearing aids, please speak to an audiologist.

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