The Benefits of Home Visits


Why is a home visit so important?

At Yes Hearing, we have put home visits at the center of how we provide care. With every hearing aid purchase, we will provide a free home visit from a local and qualified hearing specialist, at a location of your choosing. Whilst we call them ‘home visits’ it can be at your office instead if you prefer. Your hearing expert will check that your hearing aid has been properly programmed, make any necessary adjustments, and ensure that you are comfortable using your hearing aids. In short, they will perform the same services you would expect from a clinic. Our team of mobile hearing professionals provide a comprehensive service to all customers. There are many reasons why both we and our customers prefer home visits, some of which we can explain here:

Equal access for everyone

One of the most common reasons why people don’t buy hearing aids is they can’t get to the audiologists office. We solve that problem by bringing the audiologist office to you! We have a team of local hearing specialists who provide free home visits all over New York. Whether you live in a remote area, or just prefer the convenience of someone coming to you (it is getting very cold after all!) by offering home visits across the state of New York we ensure we can provide access to an audiologist for everyone who needs hearing aids!

Better care

Some services, such as checking the hearing aid has been properly programmed, are actually better when done at home. Testing the hearing aids in real life settings, such as watching the television, and making instant adjustments, ensures the hearing aids are perfectly programmed for your day to day needs. By doing home visits we can make sure your hearing aids are perfectly adjusted to your home, social, or work environment.

Expert hearing specialists
Our team of expert audiologists and hearing specialists have decades of experience in the hearing aid industry, and have carried out countless home visits. Whatever questions you have, they will be able to help!

Amazing customer feedback

One of the main reasons we prioritise home visits is that our customers love the home visits! There are so many reasons for this. Sometimes people simply don’t want to have to go out into the cold. But most of the time people love home visits for a simple reason – they just feel more comfortable at home. Going to any kind of office can be intimidating. Being at home gives you the comfort of being in your own environment, with a lot of familiarity, and it really helps people listen to what the audiologist is saying and take the advice on board. In fact, most of our customers say they learn an incredible amount during the home visits, and often enjoy them!

The audiologist can learn more about you and offer tailored advice

By visiting you in your home, your audiologist can offer you more tailored advice. For example, listening to loud music can be a cause of hearing loss. If an audiologist sees that you are a musician, they may provide advice on how to play music whilst avoiding further hearing loss.

Other benefits

Finally, there are the numerous other, smaller benefits behind having a home visit. Your family members can come in and join you if they need to ask any questions. You can develop a better relationship with your visiting hearing specialist, and feel more comfortable speaking to them in the future. And you can arrange the home visit for a time and date which works for you – our audiologists will always work around your schedule.

Our home visits have proven incredibly popular, and are a key reason why people purchase hearing aids from Yes Hearing – we offer a free home visit with every purchase. Prior to your purchase you can arrange a free home visit and trial of hearing aids, and after your initial home visit we can arrange a second home visit for you, free of charge, if you request it. We believe home visits are the best way to ensure you get the most out of your hearing aids, and are the best way to improve your hearing. Anyone who comes to your house will be a qualified hearing specialist, and you can always speak to them on the phone prior to their visit if this makes you feel more comfortable.

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