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What’s the difference between hearing aid manufacturers?


What are the difference between the manufacturers?

That’s a great question! Each hearing aid manufacturer specializes in their own “quirks” that make it unique.

Phonak – these hearing aids utilize Marvel technology and are known for their clear and rich sound, as well as the ability to connect to the Phonak app and be rechargeable. The Marvel technology platform in Phonak hearing aids helps to automatically classify streamed speech and streamed music signals for an enhanced listening experience. Marvel technology is geared towards identifying even more listening situations for the patient and helps to adapt and apply a calculated gain to different hearing situations.

Oticon – these hearing aids are known for their quality devices and multiple programming features. Oticon also has different specialty features like BrainHearing technology and OpenSound Optimizer to help you adjust to wearing hearing aids faster. Typically Oticon hearing aids may be pricier than the other hearing aids. In addition, other cons for Oticon hearing aids include occasional sound cutting out as well as needing multiple tunings.

Signia / Siemens – Siemens offers slim and stylish looks and a longer battery life One special feature of the Signia brand in the Siemens brand is the company’s Own Voice Processing technology, which recognizes the hearing aid user’s own voice. Thus allowing the users to no longer having to worry how differently their voice sounds while wearing hearing aids. Unfortunately, these hearing aids may not be best for those with a profound loss, and they are typically pricier.

Unitron – Part of the greater Sonova brand, and takes its own approach with hearing aids. Puts great stress and priority on value and patient satisfaction. Unitron hearing aids are renowned for their aesthetics, comfortable ergonomics and outstanding ease of use. Their new Remote Plus App helps prompt wearers with tips and advice to help them acclimatize successfully to their hearing aids. It may not be powerful enough for certain hearing losses. Also, some patients have reported intermittent “stuttering” when streaming their Bluetooth for music in their hearing aids.

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